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What I’m doing in New York

Tomorrow I leave for New York to stay for a week at the Omega Institute!😁
There still seems to be a lot of confusion around what I’m doing 😂

This is not necessarily a vacation or a retreat.

Let me fill you in a little bit on what I’ve been up to:

The last few months I’ve been working on starting my own business. You’re probably thinking, “wait haven’t you already done that…” and yes I guess in a way I do work a lot for myself as far as teaching yoga in various locations and doing private sessions and workshops. This is a little bigger.

Each day I’m understanding a little more how much of a calling I have to work with children and bring mindfulness programs into schools. I’ve taught in a few different schools but I want to go bigger and expand. Teaching kids tools to manage stress and use emotional intelligence is very important and close to me. I don’t want to just get my message to only children but I want to understand how this message can be shared to other school teachers, administrators, and even parents. We need this. Can you imagine the change that would happen if just one kid learned how to handle stress more efficiently?

Long story short, I’m going to an intensive training that focuses on yoga & mindfulness in kids, how to reach out to children dealing with trauma, classroom yoga, chair yoga, and a bunch of other new and upcoming healing modalities to teach children (or anyone really).

In the next few weeks I will definitely be sharing more on the specifics of what I will be doing but for now it’s time to learn🤓

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Permission to Play

Sharing yoga and mindfulness with kids has giving me so much more appreciation for the yoga practice.

Over the past couple years of being a kid’s yoga instructor I have been reminded of a few things:

  1. Give yourself permission to play
  2. Falling is fun when you have a good attitude about it and usually makes people laugh
  3. I can’t = I don’t want to
  4. Make everything your own and continue to express yourself (if you’ve observed children in a yoga class before, you’ll notice that they don’t really care what anyone else is doing and it’s very powerful)
  5. Be where you are without judgement (similar to #4)

Today I walked into a room full of kids who you would have thought snorted some pixie sticks before I walked in the room.

Bouncing off the walls (literally), running into each other, using their hands to claw each other, etc… you get the picture. It was a scary sight.

Although the class is only 30 minutes, I had to change everything I had planned for today because the energy did not match what I had in store. Instead of doing yoga poses (because there was too much injury in just the warm ups) we sat in a circle, turned down the lights, and read a book about meditation.

After this, they quietly went back to their mats like they were a different group of children.

Because the energy changed, we were able to finish with a few headstands (bribery at its finest). Finally, they laid down and had a nice relaxation.

Kid’s yoga is never what I plan for. It’s random and chaotic and it’s basically me performing like a clown or magician pulling things out of my bag to see what works.

Daily yoga practice is acting like a chemist for the energy of our own body and mind in that situation. It’s fun to see what works and what does not, and we learn. Some days we need a really long practice and some days we just need to sit down and be quiet for a long period of time.

This reminds me of yoga Sutra 1.2:

Yoga is the calming of the fluctuations of the Mind.

Yoga isn’t just poses. It’s breathing, moving with purpose, contemplating, being an observer of your own energy.

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Springtime & Solar Plexus Healing


Happy  s p r i n g  and almost May! Spring is a great time to reflect on new beginnings and manifest something new. Often we have ideas running through our minds of how we want to change without ever considering how to make it happen. Spring is the season to sit with those thoughts, write some new goals, and analyze what you are being guided to try in all aspects of life.

Currently I am finally taking more time to myself for the next few weeks, it is a major change for me! I am equal parts excited to finish some projects and also bored thinking about how I will spend my extra time. Some people are really excited for a summer off to party and drink but I am mostly looking forward to a regular workout schedule and going to more yoga classes!

Lately my home yoga/meditation practice has been focused on balancing my solar plexus, the third chakra. Energetically this area holds space for your inner power. Stimulating this chakra involves healthy movement of energy to flow to help promote inner strength and personal power. A balanced Manipura (solar plexus) allows you to have healthy control over your thoughts and emotional responses while a weak Manipura may cause feelings of anxiety, poor self-image, and laziness. Here are some poses to try to promote a healthy third chakra:

5 Yoga Poses for Solar Plexus Balancing:

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (bridge), Urdva Dhanurasana(wheel), any spinal twist, Ustrasana (camel), Virabhadrasana 1 (warrior 1)

*Wheel pose is not recommended in the middle of a pathway 

Whatever it means for you, act on something new and do not let it be a thought any longer. Take charge, make a change, step into your potential! Use these poses to help tune into your inner power!

If you are interested in additional help with balancing chakras, I have listed a new service (as requested 😉 ) on this page called “Private Yoga Chakra Balancing Sessions” scroll down the page to explore this offering. As always, if you would like to book a session please email me at



Love & light,

Whitney Reddy




Bodhi Seed Open House 3/24

I constantly get asked the question, “I want to try yoga, where do I start?” So here’s your answer:

This Saturday is the annual Bodhi Seed open house in Mount Clemens. It’s really just a party where you get to come and do free yoga meet different teachers and get a sense of the community at Bodhi seed which is something really incredible and an absolute honor to be a part of (as a teacher and as a student).

While the classes are going on I’ll be offering 15 minute Reiki sessions and there will be other types of body work to experience at a discounted price.

Come find out which style of yoga you’re called to take or see what interest you. Come try it all!

Let me know if you have any questions


The Art of Slowing Down [+New Class]

“Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom that you may not have known even existed.” B.K.S. Iyengar

As 2017 came to an end, I noticed a few articles going around from the more popular health and wellness platforms predicting the health trends (I hate that word, let’s use ‘focus’) that we will see in 2018. In short, 2018’s health and fitness goals will focus more on self care, slowing down, unplugging, yin yoga, and holistic approaches to wellness. Shifts to look out for seem to be described as a less boot camp style workout and more yoga and meditation. Maybe not eliminating more intense fitness regimens all together of course, but perhaps finally finding a better balance between the two and understand how freaking important rest is. Maybe this seems like common sense but if you’ve been struggling with this, you know it can be challenging knowing when to push yourself and when to back off without the guilt of ‘giving up’.

To me, this is great! I LOVE really intense workouts like weight training and I LOVE getting out of my mind in slower yoga classes like yin or restorative yoga. I tried for years to find this balance and over the past year or so I can finally say I have found this freedom.

Why is it important to slow down?

Taking time to slow down does not translate to ‘being lazy’ or ‘giving up’.  It is safe to say most of us have REALLY freaking busy lives and making time to turn off your phone at the end of the day or go for a light walk in nature is huge. Why wouldn’t you take time for YOU, aka, the most important person ever. It doesn’t have to be meditation or yoga, find what works for you. Walk your dog, play an instrument, volunteer and be of service. What is your art? What gives you that high? You know what I’m talking about, make time for it. Create a space where you are still and out of the mind.

The best way I have found to get out of the mind is to get into the body via movement. If I’m not feeling an intense workout, I can still get into the body with yoga. Again, maybe not a super intense practice, sometimes I am craving a yin or restorative practice either at home or in a studio. This happened last week: I was having one of the most stressful days at work, I was paranoid about catching the bug that’s going around I was spiraling down this negative hole. Instead of going home and going to bed early like I wanted, I went to my friend’s restorative yoga class and I swear I could feel the stress melting away and the recharging of my mind + body + soul (thanks Jenny!) and I didn’t get sick!

EVERYONE CAN DO RESTORATIVE YOGA. It is super low-impact, and probably the least intimidating yoga class at a yoga studio for a beginner.

Ekhart Yoga summarizes the benefits of restorative yoga as:

  • Enhances flexibility
  • Deeply relaxes the body
  • Stills the mind
  • Improves capacity for healing and balancing
  • Balances the nervous system
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Develops qualities of compassion and understanding toward others and self
  • Enhances mood states

(I will not go into detail about how great exercise is because hopefully, you have heard it before.)

New Class Alert!

Alright, so getting to my point…

I am pleased offer a new class at Bodhi Seed: Relax & Restore. This class is a calming restorative yoga practice and a great way to add in that balance to compliment a busy, possibly stressful life.


I ramble so much because I really believe in this practice. I created this site with the intention to share more about how I’ve dealt with anxiety, grief, and stress of a student because I know I am not alone. You can find healing and freedom like I have, although it takes work. If you have any additional questions or comments please email me directly.


Love & Light



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My 2018 Resolution.

The best thing you can do is to keep turning towards the light

I am not a fan of the whole concept of changing yourself because it’s a new year. Thinking that you are not perfect the way you are does not come from a space of love. Which is why this year I want to do things differently by setting an intention from a space of love.

My intention for 2018 is to remember where I come from; LOVE. To remember I come from love and to be more me as possible. 

To be yourself is to be as close to love as you can because love is what you come from. Non judgement, fearless, compassionate love.

In order for me to be more me, I have to challenge myself to choose love over fear. One of my favorite quotes from Wayne Dyer says, ” fear knocked on the door, love answered… and nobody was there”. Fear and love do not coexist.

These past few months I have hit a huge block. I was so stressed from spreading myself so thin I left no time for myself. My meditation practice only existed in order to ground myself before teaching and my workouts really just kept me from losing my shit all together. Getting through the next tough THING was my only focus. I had a very challenging semester of school along with teaching every day (sometimes 3 classes per day) and keeping my part-time job so I had some type of normal in my life. Fear kept sneaking in, rather than confronting it, most of the time I would run. Run on to whatever was next and push it down until I had time to deal with it.

Now, I have basically spent the past two weeks on the couch (first because I was sick, then because I still needed rest) and as I am reflecting on those last few months of 2017, I am still proud how I handled the mess I got myself in. Because I opened back up to love, I can choose to forgive myself and move the hell on rather than picking out everything I “should have done”.  I am proud because when I noticed myself taking on too much or feeling out of alignment I was so quick to throw on my headphones and listen to an inspirational podcast and go for a walk rather than something destructive. I am proud because I finally started saying no to opportunities I did not have time for that I REALLY wanted to be apart of. I was proud because when clients had to cut down on classes and appointments I did not take it personal and just accepted that it was actually what I needed in that moment and when the time was right we will work together again (already happening!).

Oftentimes fear causes me to shrink down resulting in a loss of creativity and magic. Feeling of dullness and detachment leave me stuck and uninspired to search for the light. I have a funny feeling it’s not just me.

Starting tomorrow, my life will be picking back up again at a fast pace. I will use the lessons I have learned so this time it will be different, I will keep turning to love. Instead of using fear, I will remember love and keep doing what works.


Do you have any new year resolutions? I would love to hear them!


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5 Mindful Reminders That Might Help You Feel Better Right Now

I was reading a great article this morning that I am too embarrassed to link or share because it’s personal and exposes some issues I’ve been having within myself that I’m not ready to talk about at this moment. Surprisingly enough, this article appeared to have nothing to do with spirituality or self-help it was actually a business-y professional article that talked a lot about just being present. Interesting!

In this reading I found reminders I really needed to hear today. If I know anything about how this energy works, I know that because I needed it today there are people out there that need it today too. These teachings are mostly from Eckhart Tolle (again, surprise).

Rather than writing a long epic post I want to list five reminders that helped me today get back in alignment: 

  1.  You can only control your thoughts so make them good ones.
  2. Sometimes we feel like there is a gap between where we are and where we want to be. Living in the present moment means that you are okay with this moment right now once you can be okay with this moment the next moment is also okay and you start to find gratitude everywhere by being present in each moment.
  3. We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are.” -The Talmud
  4. If there is a voice inside telling you that something is making you feel not okay, figure out what you think you’re lacking and gain an understanding of why you feel like that (again, it’s just a story you are telling yourself) and why it is important you have that “important thing”. Ask yourself, “Who in my head is saying I need this?” “Is it true?” “Where did I learn it was ‘bad’ to not have this thing?’
  5. Where your attention goes, your energy flows. Okay, so this might not be good especially if you’re wasting energy on thinking about what you are lacking. Not only are you going to further obsess about it, you are literally closing pathways to whatever it is that you want but having a crappy mindset, so knock it off.

Pretty simple, these reminders helped me instantly become more present with a lot of what I feel like I’m lacking today. Of course putting these into practice is easier said than done, but at the end of the day, ask yourself how you can relax deeper into your self and your thoughts and you will be guided.