October Offerings [sale]

Happy October!

My favorite time of the year. Cozy, calm, and colorful. In honor of my favorite month, I am having a sale this month for my private (meaning 1 – 2 people) in-home yoga lessons. As you might have heard me mention in other various platforms, I recently quit my “day job” in order to say YES to more private clients and expand my work with children all while finishing up my last year of undergrad. I dreamed for so long I could make this shift and I am so grateful I am able to make this happen with so much support from my community.
Who can benefit from private lessons?

If you are new to the yoga practice and crave deeper guidance I might be your teacher. In private sessions I usually introduce plenty of breathing techniques, a breakdown of basic yoga poses, and an intro to meditation. I typically work with very new, curious students. Each practice is designed specially for the needs of the student. Most sessions last about 45-60 minutes depending on the package and time available chosen by the student.

When I started my yoga journey I was very intimidated! I was NOT born flexible and became very self-conscious. I didn’t stay at a studio too long because I felt like I wasn’t catching on quick enough. It wasn’t until I met really awesome teachers when I really started to understand and appreciate the the yoga life-style, then quickly it became my life: I was obsessed. Healing my body and mind through movement and breathing (yes, breathing-it’s important).

If you consider yourself having a strong practice and little interest in spirituality, meditation, and breath work I am probably not your teacher. There are plenty of teachers who offer private sessions who focus strictly on vigorous practice. Personally, I enjoy working with my clients at a slower pace in order to build a solid foundation for the student to feel comfortable starting a personal practice or getting more comfortable in a studio setting.
What I am offering this month

This month only, I am offering new students three 45-minute classes for $130. Must be purchased by the end of the month and will not expire until March 2019.

Other things to consider

Along with private individual sessions, I also work with groups. Some examples of private group classes outside of gatherings of family + friends groups are: High school sports teams, youth groups, corporate / yoga at work, girl scouts, fundraisers, etc.

The events page has been updated for the month! Check it out. More to come! Thank you again for everyone who has EVER been to one of my classes/workshops/events or just stayed with me speaking some positive words in this journey.

Set some good intentions and have a great start to your October!

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