September Intentions & How To Set Them 

Happy September!🍁

Taking some time at the beginning of each month, or even each week/day, has been very beneficial to me. Like, NEW MONTH NEW ME AF.

Being a creative person can often come with having a chaotic scattered mind especially when it comes to what you want to focus on and actually accomplish.

I’ve noticed that I go much further with my personal growth when I just sit down and actually write down what it is I want, and I’m not kidding when I say if it’s something I focus enough on, I get it 100% of the time as long as it’s in my best interest.

Here are some ideas of intentions and goals you can set this month but I encourage you to make your own:

  1. Meditate for 8 minutes every morning this month
  2. Try a new workout class
  3. Finish that book you’ve been reading
  4. Write down three inspirational quotes and pick one to write about as a journaling exercise
  5. Clean out a space in your house you’ve been neglecting and bring a new energy
  6. Go for a walk once a week
  7. Write down a specific amount of money you would like to see in your savings account
  8. Every night write down three things you’re grateful for

 you get the idea

Whether it’s drinking more water or taking your dog on one extra walk a week find something that means something to you and find the time no matter how busy you are to stay committed to that. When you feel uninspired, come back to that list of intentions.

This is a very simple exercise, maybe spend some time focusing on each intention and notice how that makes you feel. Visualize yourself already accomplishing any goals you set. Next notice how that makes you feel seeing yourself living up to these intentions and goals.

As Wayne Dyer said, “you’ll see it when you believe it!”
What are your intentions this month?

A couple of mine are to work on finding a new home and take more baths🤘

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