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The Obligatory Intro

Chances are if you found this post, you probably know me on some level.

I fought for a long time on creating a public blog so here I am, out in the open ready to serve.

Sometimes I am not actually that great at expressing myself in person therefore I think this is a good idea to hold this space as a reference where I can explain more about yoga, philosophy, healing techniques, meditation, manifestation, simply overall living in a well way. Or, I guess more like how to start/keep a spiritual practice in a busy life without losing your shit.

Since my early teen years, yoga and meditation has transformed my life in such a positive way and not to be all dramatic but I think I can honestly say this lifestyle has saved my life. I’ve been through the ups and downs and my inner work and guidance has always pulled me up onto my feet again reminding me that I am never alone and just like everyone else, I am here with a purpose. Our life’s journey and purposes are many and I believe they are all perfect and intertwined. I truly believe that we are here to help each other and to share stories that help each other grow and lift each other up.

So far I have learned how to heal my past lives though Reiki, speak in front of people and not die (an extroverted introvert’s dream) manifest things like a freakin’ boss, chant in a different languages, tap on different parts of my body to release emotional trauma, stop sucking at yoga despite being born with a stubborn inflexible body, and most of all surrender to this crazy life that I guess I signed up for lifetimes ago.

I don’t exactly know what I’m doing here but I know I do want to get started.

Head over to the About page to read more.

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